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Friday, February 9, 2018

LOVE cards by Sara Douglass (our SU CEO)

Hello everyone! This morning I have a quick post to share some FANTASTIC cards that Sara Douglass, our SU CEO created. They are CLEAN and SIMPLE, come together quickly AND aren't just for Valentines Day!! 

Here's what Sara said about them on her FB page-

Quick and simple LOVE cards! Some of my favorite cards are quick ones made with just stamps, ink, and paper. Enjoy! ❤️ #makeacardsendacard #love#valentines

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and have to pack so I'm making this really quick! I joined a FUN swap last month and while I am gone I will be sharing the cards that I received! They are all wonderful...it's the best swap I've ever participated in! They are going to be QUICK posts, probably just photos with no details, but if you have questions please comment or contact me through email! I will respond...maybe not right away, but I will definitely respond!!

I'm so excited to share these cards with you and I'm also so excited to be going on this family vacation!  All seven of my children are joining us, along with our son-in-law and our sons girlfriend! We will have a houseful and I am THRILLED!

As always....thank you for stopping by! I know there are lots of blogs out there to follow so I am THRILLED that you take the time to join mine for inspiration!

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